Hi, there!

First off - thanks for stopping by.

My name is Elodie Fichet and  I focus on Public Relations, Crisis Communication, New Technologies and Creativity/Innovation. Through my doctorate, I looked at public relations and crisis communication practitioners ability (and need) to be creative in planning and responding to crises. My goal was to assess practices and in turn act as catalyst to help practitioners be as creative and innovative as possible to remain at the cutting edge of the field and deliver optimal value to their clients. 

As a result, I do work in the academic and in the professional realms.

When I am not working or doing research, you can find me travelling, fostering dogs (which will soon turn into adopting one, we know that...), watch movies, read *for fun*, do arts and crafts, hike or bake. I'm rarely unoccupied.  

If you want to chat or think I can help you with a project or a talk, please, do not hesitate to connect with me by clicking on the social media buttons below or using the contact form.